Where does Polish vodka come from?

The history of vodka is inseparably connected with Poland. According to historians’ research, this is where we can find the origins of this beverage. The original term for vodka was “gorzałka”, or “burning water” – this term appears as early as in a document from 1405. “Akta Grodzkie” by the palatine of Sandomierz and this is the earliest mention of vodka that we know of.
“Gorzałka” was originally used for medicinal purposes, which is confirmed, among other things, by Russian documents from 1533 describing the importation of vodka from Poland precisely as a medicine. However, it was not long before people started drinking vodka for pleasure and social reasons, as they still do today.
Over the centuries, vodka production in Poland has become part of the national tradition, history and social life. Due to its importance to Polish culture, vodka production was systematically improved and the secrets of its production were passed down from generation to generation, thanks to which the beverage was raised to the heights of quality we can savour today.

What is Polish vodka?

Currently, “Polish Vodka” is a legally protected designation of a product of geographical origin, granted by the Polish Vodka Association only to vodka brands meeting the specified criteria. Polish vodka is on the list of Protected Geographical Indications, which confirms its important role in the Polish national heritage.

For alcohol to be legally called “Polish Vodka”, it has to meet two basic conditions:

  1. It must be made from one of the five types of grain (wheat, rye, triticale, barley and oats) or potatoes originating in Poland.
  2. All stages of vodka production must take place in Poland.

Apart from the quality of agricultural products, the taste of vodka is also influenced by the water used in its production. It is the quality of ingredients that makes Polish vodka so successful in the world. With its rich history and experience in vodka production, Poland boasts top-class specialists who have been perfecting the processes of cultivating quality ingredients and producing vodka for generations.

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  1. It is said that in 1915, 10 million litres of vodka were poured down Ząbkowska Street in Warsaw, when Russian soldiers leaving the city were ordered to destroy their stocks of alcohol before leaving the Polish capital.
  2. One of the lovers of Polish vodka was Pablo Picasso, who allegedly said: “The three most astonishing things of the 20th century are the Blues, Cubism and Polish vodka.”
  3. Polish vodka was served during the first flight of the supersonic passenger plane Concorde in 1976.
  4. The famous rock band The Rolling Stones once performed in Warsaw in exchange for a wagonload of Polish vodka.

Do you know?

The famous rock band The Rolling Stones once performed in Warsaw in exchange for a wagonload of Polish vodka.